What is Joy Fueled Souls?









Who is Caryl Derenfeld?

Joy Fueled Souls educates groups about the resilient benefits of laughter, meditation and mindfulness. Interactive presentations showcase laughter's ability to balance our psyches in times of stress, strife and discord. Laughter and meditation as daily mindful practices create wellness on physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels, and impact work proficiency and relationships at their core.








In her talks around the country, Caryl has laughed, cried and breathed with diverse groups - health care professionals, recovering drug addicts, battered women, people struggling with weight loss, as well as older adults and those struggling with memory loss.


Caryl gives thanks to all her teachers, including Tal Ben Shahar, Maria Sirois and Megan McDonough at Whole Being Institute, Lenox, MA, where she received her Certificate in Positive Psychology, as well as Sebastien Gendry of Pasadena, CA and Madan Kataria of Bangalore, India, who gave her the gift of Laughter Yoga.  She has a Bachelor of General Studies from Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL, with a concentration in sociology and aging.

Caryl volunteers and leads religious services at a local retirement community and has been doing so since 2004.

When Chicago weather allows, you can find Caryl riding her bike, walking and enjoying nature in all its glory.