One of the key essences of Laughter Yoga is connecting with your own personal joy. Recently I asked friends and colleagues around the world what 'joy' means to them; how would they describe it? What would it look like? Many beautiful answers surfaced and I'd like to share some with you as you contemplate your own answers to these questions.

Kathy in Austrailia says Joy is "loving unconditionally, loving all aspects of ourselves and appreciating all the varieties of contrasts in the world around us."

Deniz from Turkey says if she had to illustrate the concept of joy she would "would hug you and laugh looking into your eyes with love and what we share would reveal reveal how joy looks."

Kristen Jo from Virginia says "Joy to me is when I feel connected to others and love unconditionally; I truly feel we are one. Laughter Yoga helps initiate this process and keeps it growing and glowing inside and out."

Hanna in Finland says "To me joy means... I am safe, I know who I am, life goes on and the world is good, I am walking to the beat of my own drum..."

And finally, Vijaya of India says " Joy is when you assume Nothing, do more, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are. ..."

I was blessed and felt quite joyful this past Thursday and Friday as I attended the Alabama Gerontological Society's annual event in Birmingham.  It was a pleasure to present "Laughter - Keeping You Young At Heart" as the closing program.  Southern charm, meeting new people, and sharing laughters' great benefits for mind, body and spirit made for a great first time visit to Alabama.  Visiting Birmingham Botanic Gardens was the icing the cake of a great experience.

Joy resides in us all and resonates in so many ways; confirming that life is good, in sharing genuine moments with a new friend, in connecting us to one another and in the recognition of how truly blessed we are. As adults, we must remember in our hectic and stressful everyday world to connect with our joy, whether it is by laughing often, or dancing to our hearts content,or taking a moment to meditate, listen to our breath, or all of the above. All these joyful things will balance and improve our lives. Wishing you love and laughter always, Caryl