It is no coincidence that my best inspiration to write comes when I am out in nature.  I spent the past few days at a friend's cabin in the woods of Michigan, where each morning was started with a warm cup of tea and the view of the lake just footsteps away.  Hearing the loons call from one side of the lake to the other, and the squirrels chattering in the trees was rejuvenating.  Even a summer thunderstorm was welcome and cleansing for body and soul.

I offer these words and wish that you, too, have moments of peace, time in nature, and contentment within, today and always. With love and laughter, Caryl

There is a rhythm in nature
As trees hold out their limbs
And dance with the breeze
And feel so at ease
There is a rhythm in nature
As birds converse and sing their songs
And tell their secrets and fly along
There is a rhythm in nature
As we take in each breath
And sway with the trees
And sing with the birds
And dance with the bees