When I was young and I asked my father what he wanted for his birthday, he would say "a kind word."  What a strange request, my young mind thought.

Now that I have many years and life experiences behind me, I realize this was and is a completely rational and wonderful request.  Think about it; look on your Facebook page, on the news feed, on Twitter...how much is kind and how much is nasty.  The world is filled with haters, AND the world is filled with promise as well.  We cannot choose what others post, but we can choose what we take in and what we ignore.  

One friend has chosen to fill her Facebook page with "A Month of Bunnies."  Another has chosen to ask friends and family to fill their pages with music. Still more choose to post affirmations of all sorts.  All of this in response to the negativity that floats around cyberspace. It gives me hope. Thirty two years since my dad's passing; his request was not so strange, after all.

Let's encourage each other to uplift one another, to strive to bring joy into the world, whether as an antidote to negative postings, or just for its own sake.  And guess what; you can even dismiss the idea of doing this through social media.  Try smiling at a stranger, listening to a friend, or even sharing a kind word.  And feel free to leave these thoughts and actions on my comment page so they can be shared with others.  Dad would be so happy.