I would like to thank you for coming out to our retreat, as always it was a wonderful experience.  The passion you have for your laughter yoga/meditation really shows and it puts everyone at ease, and makes it a truly exciting experience.  I always feel better after laughing with you.You have taught us that meditation comes in many different ways,  which is cool because it makes me think outside the box and therefore enhances my experience. I would recommend you to any one . Douglas B.

“Laughter Yoga . . . my soul addiction! Caryl is contagious! A recipe for health . . . the only side effect - wanting more!” - Joan Riise, artist and owner of Santosha Yoga

I was fortunate enough to participate in several laughter yoga sessions with the engaging Caryl Derenfeld. Her warmth and nurturing spirit resonated throughout my laughter yoga experiences. I truly felt joyous and refueled through Caryl's leadership and from the community that she created during the class. It was a great way to release tension and celebrate laughter with my fellow workshop participants. Thank you Caryl for bringing a smile to my face and laughter to my soul.   Betsie L.

THANK YOU for all you shared this morning the funny parts and the science that brings the benefits. I remember the Norman Cousins book. And a lot more things you touched on...I'm going to purposefully belly laugh for this benefit and all the many others. I am experiencing high BP and want it reduced to stop depending upon Rx's to control it. Laughter can only help everything. 

Thank you, Caryl, for being the person who brought me valuable benefit.

All the best,

I truly enjoyed the Laughter Yoga experience. It didn’t come easy but getting out of my comfort zone was good for me…..and I left wearing a happy face
Your high energy and big caring personality is simply delightful. - Susan F. LCSW

I am forever grateful to you for lifting the spirits and minds of my friends and me from near and far this weekend. They were so moved by the experience, as I knew they would be. You are so gifted and God will bless you real well for your kind heart. Thank you for being you.-Norma J.